You’ve been such a blessing for our family. [Emily] got her qualifying score for Pinehurst! She just needs to finish the spring tour and finish in the top three in points!
— Tracy
Harry, you have been a great influence on our son - we can’t thank you enough! We will have in your golf classes in the fall.
— Mark & Tena
Lila and I were talking about you the other day and I just wanted to thank you for getting her started with after school golf. As you know, she had played on the Dutch Fork girls varsity team the last 2 years while in middle school and this spring she is playing with the boys JV team. She figured that was a great way to keep practicing. She is still loving golf and I attribute so much of that to you and your kind heart for those kids! She misses you!
— Allyson
I want to tell you about a well kept secret in the golf community. Harry Haney is the guru. He has really helped me swing the golf club in the right way. I am athletic and have always gotten by and used my hands way too much instead of the proper golf swing using my core. It is like Christmas when I do the move right and not allow my hands to take over. I wish I had met Harry when I was younger instead of in my 40’s (which is still young I guess). He can really analyze your swing flaws and is the best instructor I have ever had. I have not had many lessons in my golf career, but boy I wish I had Harry earlier so that I would have practiced the right swing all this time. But I found him now, who needs Hank Haney...Harry is better! I really do recommend Harry. I gave my son lessons too because I want him to learn the right way before he develops bad habits.
— Daniel Bundrick
Harry, I played in a Sc Seniors event a Columbia CC today. I shot 78 with 10 greens hit. I came in second in my flight. That’s the good news, I bogied my last 4 holes. I guess I got tired. Had 34 putts, it’s coming around. Thank you!!”
— George
Mr. Haney, thank you for teaching our son Walker about Golf. He has enjoyed the lessons so much and we can see a huge difference in how he hits the ball!
— Cindy B.
Like many golfers I wasn’t happy with my ball striking so I decided to seek a professional who I had never seen before. I was given Harry’s name and number. I got in touch and signed up for a series of lessons. With Harry’s suggested changes I am much more consistent in my ball striking. I love his very simple and straight forward approach to teaching and would highly recommend Harry to any level of golfer.
— Jim Hollingsworth
Harry, several months ago I came to you to relearn the game of golf so I could play with my son and grandchildren. I had never really enjoyed playing in the past and was not sure that I was not too old to start over. You have restored the good parts of my game and improved the bad ones. You went beyond what the average instructor would. You have shown immense patience when I had none and given me a new confidence in my ability to play. You have given me a joy and excitement that I never thought I would have for the game! Thank you so much!
— Betty H.

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