Most student sports end after high school, but golf can be continued to be played with family, friends or business associates throughout a lifetime. Our youth program teaches your children the fundamentals of golf to set them up for a lifetime of success on the course.


Our instruction focuses on the fundamentals. We teach the proper golf grip, stance, posture and alignment - basics for a sound golf swing. We also create a sound practice environment allowing students to focus on the skills used in putting, chipping, pitching and the full swing. In addition to physical skills, our program provides character building traits with an emphasis on the rules and etiquette aspects of the game.

We provide a safe and convenient group setting at school with a curriculum that gives students a chance to learn in a fun social setting. Not only are our programs great for beginning junior golf, but they're also designed for the advancement within the curriculum.

Starting fifteen minutes after the final bell, students are sent to a designated area for an hour-long class. We provide all clubs and mats along with safety designed balls, which are designed to prevent injury or damage to students and property.

Bottom line: we’re committed to junior golf.  We believe students must have fun on the course if they’re going to stick with it.  As a result, our after school program prioritizes safety and fun.

All instruction is provided by a United States Golf Teachers Federation Instructor or Certified HHGA Instructor.


If you are not comfortable purchasing after school registration online you can mail your registration form and check to H. Haney Golf Academy 6030E Saint Andrews Road Columbia, South Carolina 29212. Please note: your child is not registered until we have received the registration form and payment.

Junior Gear

If your child does not have clubs, we provide them for all after-school programs. However, Great golf clubs, properly fit to a player, will make all the difference in your child's golf development. U.S. Kids Golf's equipment is ideal for junior golfers. Use code USk10176 at to receive a 5 percent discount and free shipping. 

*H. Haney Golf Academy receives commission for any purchase made with the discount code.