H. Haney Golf Academy Indoor or Outdoor Lessons Available

Member of the US Golf Teachers Federation

Indoor Golf Lessons Available

     We offer indoor lessons using our Simulator.  Perfect for all types of weather.  Stay free from the rain, sleet, snow and cold.  Come in to a climate controlled atmosphere suitable for all skill levels from Beginner to Experienced.


Our Simulator measures:

Club Head Speed


Angle of Attack


Ball Flight Pattern



Club Face


Club Angle


Club Path

Golf  Tip

Hitting Your Hybrids

     When hitting your hybrids, remember they are

                      replacements for your 3 or 4 iron and not

                        little miniature fairway woods.  Playing the

                          ball up too far in your stance and trying

                           to sweep the ball like a fairway wood will

                              lead to thin shots or usually hooks.

                               Just play the ball forward of center

                        and hit down on it just like you do your

                         normal iron shots.  Let the club bottom

 out and take a small thin divot just ahead of where you

 played your ball.


On Range and On Course  Golf Lessons Available

"Like many golfers I wasn't happy with my ball striking, so I decided to seek a professional that I had never seen before.  I was given Harry's name and number.  I got in touch and signed up for a series of lessons. With Harry's suggested changes, I am much more consistent in my ball striking.  I love his very simple and straight forward approach to teaching and would highly recommend Harry to any level of golfer."

                                                            - Jim Hollingsworth

Harry, I played in a SC Seniors event at a  Columbia CC today.  I shot 78 with 10 greens hit.  I came in second in my flight. That's the good news, I bogied my last 4 holes.  I guess I got tired. I had 34 putts, it's coming around. Thank you!!

                                                            - George

Mr. Haney, thank you for teaching our son Walker about Golf. He has enjoyed the lessons so much and we can see a huge difference in how he hits the ball!

                                                            - Cindy B.

     HHGA is currently offering on range and on course lessons at these locations.  Go to Lessons to learn more about our times and rates.


Lake Murray Golf Center

2032 Old Hilton Road

Chapin, SC  29036


Timberlake Country Club

222 Timberlake Drive

Chapin, SC  29036


Riverside Driving Range

1600 Garner Lane

Columbia, SC  29210


The Golf Center

109 Tat Road

Columbia, SC  29223



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